Dual Language Goals

Dual Language Program
The purpose of the program is to develop full bi-literacy and bilingualism while fostering cross-cultured awareness. It is designed to develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in both English and Spanish.
* Produce students with high levels of bi-literate and bilingual proficiency
* Create highly interactive bilingual instruction
* Integrate a cross cultural learning environment
* Lessons are inquiry based for a student led “pairs/group”
* Project based environment with high levels of collaboration in the class
* Use of sheltered instruction techniques to facilitate learning
* Teachers teach at the level of the top 25% of students in the class
* Program is implemented throughout elementary grades (PK-5)
* Academic vocabulary is integrated across the curriculum
* Provide at least 50% of instruction in the partner language (PK-5)
* Expansion into Middle School and High School
* Instruction challenges students (high expectations – enrichment/gifted educational environment)
* Campus and district support